Jan 07

How To Stop Biting Nails.


Biting your fingernailsIf you bite your nails; there is a high probability that you developed this problem during your childhood. Reports indicate that at least half of all adults have nail-biting problem, but most of them manage to overcome the habit before they attain 35 years. According to health experts, biting nails is a nervous habit. It is an unconscious behavior that people repeat out of boredom, stress or anxiety. They normally refer to this condition as Onychophagia.

Biting fingernails is not accepted socially because it can affect your overall health. It transfers bacteria back and forth your fingers and mouth leading to infections. You will also agree that bitten and ragged nails are unattractive. Some people even cause their fingers to bleed from biting their nails. Moreover, it is damaging to ones appearance because it can cause permanent damage to teeth, gums and nails.

Are you suffering from ragged nails and wondering how to stop biting your nails? Rest assured that you are in the right place. How to stop nail biting is actually a daunting task, Nonetheless, the following tips will assist you overcome this unattractive behavior.

You can kick the problem away by wearing fake nails or coating your nails with a bitter tasting polish. Indeed, the nasty taste of the polish will prevent you from biting your nails. It is advisable to maintain your nails short. This ensures that you have less nail to bite. Besides, get yourself a manicure on regular basis. Manicure keeps your nails attractive, but it is expensive. Therefore, it is unlikely you will bite your nails after a manicure.

In our earlier discussion, we found out that nail biting could be caused by stress. Therefore, you should try various techniques to ensure that you manage your stress. Indeed, you can try meditation, yoga or deep breathing. In addition, you can use rubber band antics. This is considered the most straightforward way to stop biting your nails. Tie a rubber band around your hand. You then pull the rubber band every time you feel like biting your nails to inflict pain.

Another method to try is to use those pretty fingernail decals….There’s 100’s to choose from.

Nail art decalsIf these methods do not work for you, you can wear gloves. This can prove difficult especially for men but it is an effective method because it is impossible that one can bite the gloves. You can also put self-adhesive bandages on your fingertips. This ensures that your fingernails are not accessible for biting. Nonetheless, it is advisable to seek the services of a health practitioner if the behavior persists along with stress and anxiety. You should note that nail biting could be a sign of adverse psychological problems such as OCD.

Nail biting causes your fingernails to become brittle and weak. Your nails tend to split and crack easily because of this behavior. It often begins with a simple irregularity in your nails like a rough side or cracked edge, which draws your biting attention. It is without doubt that nail biting is a common behavior that causes disturbances to most individuals. Nonetheless, these simple tips on how to stop biting nails will help you overcome the habit.