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Stop Biting Your Nails

Article Number 1… Are There Some Good Nail Biting Solutions? 

Biting nails tends to be an addictive habit with many people. People bite their nails for different reasons. It does not matter how old you are when it comes to biting your nails with it happening to people of all ages. It often starts at a younger age and continues on as you age. Some of the reasons why people bite their nails may be that they are nervous, stressed, bored, or have just adapted this behavior from seeing others doing the same thing…Read More.

Article Number 2…  Can Nail Polish Help with Stop Biting Nails?

If you are one of many folks looking out for a solution to finish that unpleasant stop biting nails habit, then it’s time that you explore the various established strategies that will help you get shot of the issue fully. Nail nibbling isn’t just unhealthy, but it is also more frequently than not a tell-tale sign that you are quite stressed on the inside…Read More.

Article Number 3…  Some Ways For Men to Stop Biting Their Nails.

Nail biting can be a bad habit that is usually caused by boredom, anxiety and sometimes stress. The nails will grow back so, permanent damage is evitable. This nasty habit can be a problem to women, children and men. However, it always seems a bigger problem to men who careless about their physical appearance…Read More.

Stop Nail Biting

Article Number 4…  How to Stop Biting Nails for Kids

Nail biting, scientifically known as onychophagia, is a nasty habit usually followed by many kids and even adults. Though this habit does not usually cause any serious health issue, it should be avoided since it can easily lead to very many negative effects…Read More.

Article Number 5 …  Best Products to Stop Nail Biting

Nail biting is one of the most frustrating and common thing most of the people around the world. This habit most commonly begins in childhood and then it becomes an ingrained habit in most. Without knowing the seriousness of the nail biting and what all health risks it can cause to the person’s life people keep doing this in regular. There are two kinds of people who do nail biting in common, one bites when in tensed situation or nervous and other…Read More.

Article Number 6 …  Ways to Stop Nail Biting Fast

Nail biting is a serious problem found in both men and women. It is found in people of all age groups. There might be several reasons for nail biting. No matter whatever may be the reason, it is a serious problem and needs to be treated seriously. Detecting reasons for nail biting is very important. After that, steps are to be taken as to how to stop nail biting fast…Read More.


Article Number 7…  Fingernail Problems and Dealing with Them

Many of us are dealing with fingernail problems and if you are someone who also has this problem, then you should not worry too much about it, because there are always things you can do in order to overcome it…Read More.

Article Number8…  How To Make Nails Grow Faster

Getting acquainted on how to make nails grow faster and improve their appearance is important. There are some people who may wish their nails to grow faster. What you need to understand first is that nails are made up of hardened proteins and grow when new cells develop and replace the older cells. At most, your nails grow…Read More.

Article Number 9…  How to Make Nails Grow – Does Anything Help?

How to make nails grow is the main question for the attractiveness and beauty of some women. Though nails grow differently among different people but there are certain thumb rules that are usually applicable to every person in general. Nails for longer fingers grow faster than…Read More.

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Article Number 10…  How to Stop Nail Biting the Easy Way

Fingernail biting is a chronic habit in many teenagers and adults. It usually starts in the childhood or teenage when children pick this habit fast without realizing the consequences. This habit is sometimes picked up from elders, or comes out due to anger, loneliness, anxiety, and depression…Read More.

Article Number 11…  Top Nail Biting Cures – Which One Is Most Effective?

So what’s the best and most effective nail biting cure out there? For millions, nail biting habit is the hardest challenge they face in their life. Unlike intake of substances, or vices, the habit of biting fingernails is so easy to develop and yet so hard to quit! You may find yourself gnawing your nail when you are severely reprimanded by your parents…Read More.

Article Number 12…  Effective Nail Biting Cures That Work!

Biting your nails is not something that we like to do, but in most of the cases it happens subconsciously. In many studies it has been found that majority of fingernail biters are adolescent. This habit is mostly associated with the day-to-day stress factors. However…Read More.


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