Effective Nail Biting Cures that Work!


Nail Biting CuresNail biting is not something that we like to do, but in most of the cases it happens subconsciously. In many studies it has been found that majority of fingernail biters are adolescent. This habit is mostly associated with the day-to-day stress factors. However, this doesn’t mean that all those who bite nails are somewhat mentally disturbed. In fact, past studies have found that even highly intelligent people have the habit of chewing nails.

Like drinking and smoking, it’s not easy to stop this habit once it is formed in a person, and many of them desperately search for effective nail biting cures. Actually, many fingernail biters derive some kind of pleasures from this habit of chewing nails. Some of them bit their fingernail so hard that they end up bleeding. This also results in pathogens to directly enter the blood stream leading to infection. Therefore, it’s best to take measures to stop this habit right in the beginning to avoid health complications later on in life.

If you are really interested in quitting your nail biting habit, then you should start searching for nail biting cures that work. You don’t need a strong will power to stop this habit, as simple relaxing, and understanding the reasons will do the trick. Once you’re successful in finding the stress factors that cause nail biting, the rest would become easy. Sometimes it’s not easy to resolve the stress factors and you may have to live with them, but then understanding this thing alone will reduce the stress to the great extent.

One of the simplest yet effective nail biting cures is to keep a portable fingernail file handy, and as and when you get urge to bite nails, start rubbing file on your fingernails. If you work in some office, or even at home, you can ask your friends or family members to remind you when you start biting your nails. If this is not possible, you can also gloves!

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Many people also opt for Habit Reversal Therapy to stop their nail biting habit. This is a highly effective therapy that can treat many complications, including nail biting habit. It is an innovative therapeutic approach that lays emphasis on unlearning all the bad habits that are not good for you, and works for replacing them with good ones. So if you have a nail biting habit, this therapy will work by diverting your attention to something constructive. This approach is highly effective when used in combination with medications.

You can also apply bitter creams or nail polish on your nails. This will give a foul taste to your nail that is quite difficult to get rid of. It easily deters most of the people who have a habit of biting nails, until they completely quit this habit for good. However, only requirement in this kind of treatment is that nail biter should remember to apply these products regularly and replace it when it wears off. If you are not interested in applying creams, and polishes, or other nail biting remedies, you can get acrylic nails, or put some nail hardener, which makes it impossible to chip off nails even when you are interested in biting them.

There is no single remedy for nail biting that can work for everybody, as many of them have varying effects depending upon one’s condition. Hopefully, among the given nail biting cures, at least one treatment will work for you.

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