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Hi…Thought I would set up a best products page.

All the products are sold at Amazon.

My First Choice is.  Control It Nail Biting Cream BASIC Plan

Nail Biting CreamThe 21 Day Basic Kit Treatment Plan Includes all these products:


6 Orange wood cuticle push sticks

1 Edge Smoother Nail File

1 Mini Manicure nail scrub brush  and 1 Spiffer




My Second Choice is…  Zeva No Bite – Stop Nail Biting Formula

Zeva No BiteNon-toxic nail polish with Bitrex, a bitter flavor to help stop nail biting
Discourages nail biters and helps to break a fingernail biting habit
same COST PER OUNCE as other brands – compare!
Contains no formaldehyde, toluene and dibutyl phthalate for healthy nail care
Not for use on kids under 5. You will be more successful if you wait until they are old enough to understand.






My Third Choice is…  Supernail Professional Bite No More With Bitrix

Bite no moreStops nail biting

Ideal for adults and children
Satisfaction guaranteed
A fast effective way to end the nail biting habit and stimulate healthy nail growth.
Bite No More is clear and can be used over nail polish.






My Fourth Choice is…  Stop Nail Biting Hypnosis-cd

Stop Nail Biting HypnosisThis Cd is designed to help you stop biting your nails once and for all! Whether you have a child biting their nails or you’re an adult that has been soothing your nerves for years this way. Hypnosis is a wonderful way to change that deep subconscious urge.

If you have tried to break this habit before and find that you are biting or nibbling on your cuticles or nails with out even realizing it, this is the Cd for you! The decision to stop nail biting has to take place at an unconscious level.

Hypnosis can help you really change your behavior, and make the choice to stop nail biting once and for all! Always be sure to check with your physician before starting any program. In the process of self hypnosis you will feel your daily stress and tensions reduced. Your body will begin to relax and then you will slowly move from the Beta (awaken state) and enter the relaxing Alpha state, then move into the Theta state (deep learning) where your subconscious mind can create the new changes you desire.

When you awaken from self hypnosis you will feel as if you just had a long wonderful nap totally refreshed and rejuvenated. In order to enhance your program consider purchasing Self Healing Hypnosis-cd, Relieve Depression Hypnosis-cd and Self Confidence Hypnosis-cd from Anew Perspective Hypnosis.



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